HTC Releases New Kernel Source Code for Various Phones

The source code for several HTC devices (based on the 2.6.35 Linux Kernel) was just released. The Salsa, Chacha (and Chachacha), Evo 4G, Evo 3D, Droid Incredible 2, and the Sensation 4G all now have their kernel’s source code available to the hobbyist community.

The kernel is “the central component of most computer operating systems; it is a bridge between applications and the actual data processing done at the hardware level. The kernel’s responsibilities include managing the system’s resources (the communication between hardware and software components). Usually as a basic component of an operating system, a kernel can provide the lowest-level abstraction layer for the resources (especially processors and I/O devices) that application software must control to perform its function. It typically makes these facilities available to application processes through inter-process communication mechanisms and system calls.” (Wikipedia)


The 2.6.35 version of the Linux Kernel includes these “goodies”:

– Transparent spreading of incoming network traffic load across CPUs

– Btrfs improvements

– XFS Delayed logging

– KDB kernel debugger frontend

– perf improvements

– Graphic improvements

– Memory compaction

– Support for multiple multicast route tables

– L2TP Version 3 (RFC 3931) support

– CAIF Protocol support

– ACPI Platform Error Interface support

All we need to do now is wait for custom ROM developers to cook these updates into their custom ROMs.

Sources: HTC Developer Center, Kernel Newbies

Via: Phandroid

Image: Praetorian Perfect

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