For those of you with an HTC Desire HD, today is a good day for you! HTC has released the opensource bits of the Desire HD’s source code on their developer website (see below for link). The most important parts of this release are the kernel and the drivers for the phone.

With the kernel and drivers code developers and tinkerers can start building custom ROMs for the device, making it go faster, the battery last longer, and who knows what other sorts of cool stuff! This won’t happen over night, but now that the code is in the wild, it’s just a matter of time.

And for you guys that would never, ever run a custom ROM on your phone, you’ve got good news, too! The more sets of eyes looking at the source code, the more likely it is that bugs will be found and fixed. This means that your devices will likely get more stable and bug-free the longer the community digs into the code.

Source: HTC

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