The do-it-all inhaler/camera’s back again on the discount table. It seems that HTC has been really amping up its holiday spirit with these Tuesday Hot Deals. Sure, the first real rounds came during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday era and then we’ve heard more of a pitter-patter since then. And we should also note that the best discount took place well before this madness — late in October.

But behold anyway, as the HTC RE camera is now up for a 60 percent price cut today, down to $79.60 — that is, while supplies last. Mind you, when HTC held the RE a couple weeks ago at $100, we were surprised to find out that stock had vanished by midday.

As a side note, you can also grab accessories at 40 percent off today at HTC’s website.

Maybe HTC does have financial reason to look up. Then again, with any (and we do mean any) margins from this sale, we’d reconsider that thought.

Source: HTC

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