Last night we saw HTC deliver the first teaser video for one of the products it’s planning to launch at its October 8 “double exposure” event. Apparently dubbed the RE Camera, we seem to be looking at a small handled or mountable tube-shaped rugged camera, intended for uses ranging from extreme sport helmet-cam action to just snapping a more convenient selfie with friends. Yesterday’s video may have showed us what the RE Camera is capable of doing, but it really didn’t give us much of a look at the hardware itself. But now some new pics have been uncovered that sure appear to reveal the RE Camera in the flesh.

The images you see here were reportedly unearthed on the RE Camera website HTC set up for the accessory, referenced in page code but not yet set to display. Comparisons are already being drawn to a tiny periscope, which seems to be an apt description given the right-angle bend just before the camera’s lens; it may be tube-shaped as rumored, but shoots perpendicular to the cylinder’s orientation.

While an odd design on first glance, we can see the appeal, letting users easily make framing adjustments – at least along one axis. One pic appears to show some component opposite the lens at the end of this “periscope,” but whether that’s a button or some sort of display, we can’t yet say.

In addition to these pics, references on the site were found to a companion app, as well as some software or service called RE Moments – maybe something in the vein of Zoe?


Source: HTC (Reddit)
Via: GSM Arena

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