HTC RE camera hit with some delays as a release date lands

October’s been a surprisingly busy month for product launches this year, and as we get ready to call it a wrap and move onward to November, it feels appropriate to look back and check it with some of those new products as they get ready to make their retail debuts. One of the more unusual devices we saw announced was the RE camera from HTC, its screen-less handheld shooter. Pre-orders have opened by now on HTC’s own website as well as with retailer Best Buy, but no official release date has been given. At least, not publicly, but an email update headed out to pre-order customers might have just let the cat out of the bag.

As we saw back when RE launched, HTC’s producing the camera in three colors: white, blue, and orange. Blue’s only going to be at Best Buy, but HTC was taking pre-orders for the white and orange RE – for a while. As of now, only the white version is still available on the manufacturer’s site. There’s a good reason for that, as it turns out that the orange RE is facing delays.

In an email sent to customers who had pre-ordered the orange RE, HTC explains these delays, while giving shoppers a few options. They can wait for the orange RE, whenever that’s finally available, but no ETA is given. Or they can can change their order now and go with a white RE instead, and here’s where we get our new info: the white RE should arrive on customers’ doorsteps around November 15.

HTC’s quite apologetic about the whole thing, knocking 10 percent off orange RE pre-orders to help make things right, and even giving shoppers the opportunity to take the company up on both offers, getting an early white RE while also waiting for an orange one further down the line – and they can even get 10 percent off both of them. Remember, this is just for those who had already pre-ordered the orange RE – it’s too late now.

We’re well curious to get our hands on a finished commercial RE, as final software wasn’t yet available when we gave the camera a hands-on back when it launched.

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