Age hasn’t really helped the bizarre HTC Re Camera become any less awkward or feel like a stronger contender for well-established GoPros, but the latest US-only discount might just make it a must-buy at last.

Available for a way too extravagant $200 a year or so back, then quickly slashed to $150, and most recently $100, the waterproof 16MP snapper now costs a measly 50 bucks from the Taiwanese device manufacturer’s American e-store.

That’s $150, or a massive 75 percent off the original MSRP, and for the time being, it’s good for all four Re models, coated in navy blue, teal, white, and orange. There’s no telling if the deal has an expiration date attached, or if reduced quantities are limited, but something seems final about it.

Rumors of a sequel were floating around the interwebs as early as December 2014, however they rapidly died down, and given the experimental nature of the OG, it’s entirely possible this will be the first and last of its kind.

Why should you buy it then? Because third-party retailers like Amazon or Best Buy continue to charge between $100 and $150 for the HTC Re Camera, and the 146-degree wide angle lens, instant streaming capabilities, as well as Android and iOS support are pretty compelling selling points overall… at only $50.

Source: HTC

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