HTC confirms yet another miserable quarter, but there’s hope of a comeback

How many more months of constant financial losses can HTC afford before throwing in the towel and declaring bankruptcy, or at least abandoning the smartphone market? We may find out soon enough, as the once mighty and profitable Taiwanese company just wrapped up a dismal year on a predictably low note.

Still, things have been known to go worse for the One M9 and A9 manufacturers than between October and December 2015, so maybe, just maybe the sinking ship can be patched up in time to reach the shore for long-term repairs.

If there’s a device that can help this Phoenix rise from its own ashes, it’s definitely the Vive virtual reality headset, quoted in HTC’s terse Q4 report as a possible savior, alongside the unusual but promising UA Healthbox “all-in-one body fitness system.”

Meanwhile, the One A9 iPhone lookalike continues to be deemed a hit across Asia, the US and Europe, in spite of recent signs to the contrary, whereas the mid-range Desire roster is said to have “experienced good momentum over the holiday season.”

Perhaps the answer to the faltering tech giant’s money pickles is therefore to focus on value rather than performance, with its current erratic strategy generating a quarterly net loss after tax of NT$3.4 billion, or around $100 million. Oh, well, at least revenue was up sequentially, from NT$21.4B to 25.7.

Source: HTC

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