HTC announces Q1 2015 earnings: $1.3 billion revenue, $11 million profit

It’s that time of the year again, when Q2 is just kicking off and companies begin releasing their Q1 earnings reports. We’ve already taken a look at what heavy-hitters such as Apple had to share with regards to their financials, now let’s talk HTC Q1 2015 earnings.

The Taiwanese manufacturer has recorded this quarter 25% year-over-year growth when compared to the same reporting period from the previous year. A profit has been made of about NT$0.36 billion, which translates to US$11 million – while this is slightly worse than last quarter’s showing of NT$0.5 billion, this is remarkably better when compared to the year before. HTC has seemingly done a fine job of turning its misfortunes around and moving toward a more prosperous future, and its updated 2015 portfolio reflects that.

Q2 will be a big test of HTC’s ability to keep up, with devices such as the One M9, One M9+, and One E9+ having lots on their plate – the manufacturer will be turning especially to these devices to get the sales it needs in key North American, European, and Asian markets in order to keep its momentum going throughout the year.

For now, from our perspective, HTC has had the quarter it needed. The future looks hopeful.

Source: HTC
Via: Android Central

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