HTC Puccini’s AT&T Retail Branding Revealed (Images)

HTC’s 10-inch, LTE-powered tablet known by the codename Puccini will be sold by AT&T as the HTC Jetstream. New screenshots from the Jetstream confirm its “true” 4G capabilities. Just like the HTC Flyer is sold through Sprint as the EVO View 4G, we suspect that Puccini will go by a different branding when sold internationally. The most likely candidate on the table right now is “HTC Skyrocket,” although that’s purely speculation based on current European trademark filings.

We’re expecting Puccini/Jetstream to pack a 1.5GHz dual-core processor — probably the same one as T-Mobile’s upcoming HTC Amaze 4G (nee Ruby) — along with the same Scribe pen-based-input technology found on the Flyer. Jetstream could possibly come out before the end of the year, but so far we’ve only heard about a single LTE-capable phone landing on AT&T during 2011, and nothing of a tablet.

HTC Jetstream Settings

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