HTC Puccini for AT&T: First Screenshots

Here are a few screenshots from the upcoming 10-inch HTC Puccini tablet, expected to be one of the first LTE devices to launch as part of AT&T’s “true” 4G rollout. Unlike the last teaser images we saw, these show the 1.5GHz dual-core device running a Honeycomb build and loaded up with AT&T bloatware (although, as the H+ icon indicates, not yet surfing the carrier’s nascent LTE waves).

As far as imaging goes, there should be a front-facing webcam as well as a eight-megapixel rear shooter.

HTC Puccini 3

HTC Puccini 4

We see that HTC has added a bit of its own iconagraphy to the OS, including a pen icon in the tray that seems to confirm the Scribe inclusion tipped by a recent BGR leak.

HTC Puccini 5

HTC is taking advantage of the 1280×800 resolution by tacking a number pad onto the keyboard; tabbed browsing also benefits from the increased real estate versus seven-inch models. With Puccini leaks starting to come at a fairly steady pace, we’d estimate that we’re about two to three months away from an official release — in other words, Puccini should almost surely be available for holiday shopping.

HTC Puccini 2

HTC Puccini 6

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