HTC “Petra” smartwatch rumors include possible specs list

Ever since last year we saw a possible HTC wearable in a video released by the company, rumors have been on and off about the existence of a smartwatch manufactured by the company. Some rumors have led us to believe the company would work toward the release of an Android Wear-powered wearable, while others have suggested other possibilities to the contrary, but among all of this one thing looks to be pretty certain – HTC is pretty intent on getting into the wearables space. And nearing Mobile World Congress as we are (with a big HTC event already set-up as the possible launch venue of the next-gen One), it would make a good deal of sense for the rumor mill to start working overtime now, which is exactly what’s happened with today’s rumors of an upcoming HTC Petra.

Sourced through @upleaks, the leak is of what’s supposedly HTC’s first wearable. It seemingly will buck the trend and opt not to use Android Wear, but instead an HTC-created operating system (dubbed “RTOS”) which will include support for both newer Android and iOS releases. This is a move that would have sounded strange perhaps a year ago, but it’s relatively justified, considering the new direction HTC is heading in outside of mobile – after all, this is the same company that allowed its RE Camera to support iOS.

The device will apparently weigh just 23g (coming in small, medium, and large variants), and have a 1.8″ 32×160 POLED display. So, yes, not a smartwatch in the sense we’ve come to expect with devices like the Moto 360 and Apple Watch, but it still looks to have a lot of the same capabilities as those devices while maintaining a relatively long-lasting battery.

The report doesn’t mention any timeframe for the release of this product, so we remain wary as we wait for other evidence to affirm or contradict this leak. In the time being, we continue to look forward to Mobile World Congress, where HTC is expected to take the lid off of its biggest announcements of the year.

Source: @upleaks

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