HTC’s One X9 has never been a phone that was very good at keeping a secret, and from the first time we even heard of the model’s existence, we were already checking out some high-quality renders and a pretty exhaustive list of specs. Over the weeks that followed, we heard more and more about what we could look forward to from the model, as those leaks kept right on coming – culminating in the early publication of what was practically a full-length review. Finally, word arrived earlier this week that it was nearly time for the One X9 to make its formal debut, with a launch announcement teased for today, December 24. Sure enough, that’s just what’s happened, as HTC fully reveals the One X9 for China.

Let’s start with the hardware, as while specs have been a key component to many of the One X9 leaks, there was a little disagreement early on about just what sort of hardware the phone would end up with. Ultimately, we’re looking at a 5.5-inch 1080p screen, an octa-core MediaTek X10 SoC, 32GB of storage (with support for microSD expansion), and 3GB of RAM – not 2GB nor 4GB, as previously suggested. The One X9 features a 13MP main camera with OIS, a 5MP front-facer, supports dual SIM cards, and draws its juice from a 3000mAh battery. And this being HTC, the phone’s got a pair of stereo BoomSound speakers.

On the design front, we’re looking at a model that maybe gets more inspiration from Desire or even Butterfly phones than traditional One-series handsets, while picking up a set of capacitive buttons and measuring in a hair under 8mm thick.

Pricing comes out to 2,399 yuan, or the equivalent of about $370 – a very competitive price point, and for an HTC model in China, especially. So far we’ve yet to learn anything about a possible date for the start of sales, as well as any plans for the One X9 in other markets.


Source: HTC
Via: Engadget

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