Fresh set of leaked HTC One X10 promo images reveals exact battery size, and it’s truly massive

Let’s be honest, the only thing we loved liked about last year’s upper mid-range HTC One X9 was its reasonable price point. Technically, the China-first phone also felt premium in the hand, thanks to a full metal jacket, but the weird rear camera… section made it hard to commend an otherwise decent design.

That’s clearly a thing of the past now, with the One X10 rendered featuring a much more normal-looking main snapper, alongside a circular fingerprint scanner, relatively thick screen bezels, and a decidedly chunky overall profile too.

A “bigger” battery was intriguingly teased in leaked promotional material yesterday, although the obvious question on our minds was bigger than what? As it turns out, we were far too prudent merely hoping for a 300 or 500mAh capacity upgrade over the X9, as additional promo images today confirm a seriously massive 4000mAh cell purportedly “made to last up to 2 days on the go.”

4000 is 1000mAh more than not just the One X9, but also the flagship-grade HTC 10 and U Ultra, as well as the Helio P10-packing Desire 10 Pro. Speaking of, everyone expects the same non-flagship MediaTek processor to power the “captivating” and “charming” metal-built HTC One X10, which should also be smaller and lower-res than the U Ultra, at 5.5 inches and Full HD. So, yeah, that explains the chunkiness, and overall, an affordable price tag feels very much in the cards.

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