HTC One X10 and Desire 650 among several new phones certified in Russia

When in financial crisis, consumer tech companies typically streamline product portfolios, trying their best to trim the unnecessary fat while focusing on whatever remaining strengths they feel good about kindling an eventual comeback.

In theory, that’s exactly what HTC’s been looking for of late, although the Taiwanese device manufacturer can’t help itself from releasing at least two more handhelds this year. In addition to the recently unveiled One A9s, Desire 10 Pro, 10 Lifestyle and Sprint-exclusive Bolt, expect a no doubt low to mid-end Desire 650 and presumably high-end (-ish) One X10 to see daylight soon.

While only certified in Russia for the time being, these are likely to get relatively wide-scale commercial pushes into Europe and Asia. The Desire 650 will probably follow in the footsteps of the early 2016-announced Desire 630, and it’s very possible this is what tipsters were referring by a mystery A17 codename.

Unfortunately, we literally know nothing about its specs, and the same goes for the One X9-succeeding HTC One X10. We can venture a few guesses, like a Helio X20 or X25 processor for the 5.5-inch or so X10, which may or may not take design cues from the flagship HTC 10. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the 10 evo, aka “international” Bolt, and upper mid-range Desire 10 Pro are themselves headed for Russia before long.

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