We’ve put the HTC One through its paces, comparing it against nearly every smartphone -or at least, nearly every flagship- in the modern landscape, but there was a straggler left behind: the tenacious BlackBerry Z10.

Today, we set about to rectify that omission. Tune in to the video below to watch us compare HTC’s newest -and almost certainly best- Android offering with the slab of black soft-touch that BlackBerry has bet the company on. We’ll be comparing build quality, UI, test notes, the camera, and the all-important ecosystem in this showdown, though not necessarily in that order – and not necessarily in the order we announce at the top of the video, either. We gotta keep you folks on your toes somehow.

All that and a not-so-funny joke, after the break. So hit play, take in the facts, and then hop on down to the comments to place your bets on just how many people choose Android over BlackBerry … or vice versa.


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