The HTC One V is on the opposite end of the smartphone spectrum compared to the One X. It’s relatively inexpensive (just $350 over at Negri Electronics), it’s small with just a 3.7″ screen, it’s made from aluminum, and it has a single-core CPU. The One V is currently on sale overseas, and it happens to have the right bands to do AT&T 3G.

The One V, beyond its 1GHz single-core Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU (which is more than capable for most tasks), is running on Android 4.0.3 with Sense 4.0 on top. It has a 5MP camera on back capable of 720p video, while the lack of front-facing camera reminds us of the One V’s target market. Inside it has just 4GB of storage space, though you’ll be able to expand the memory with microSD (unlike the One X).

First impressions:

– The device feels very much like a phone, unlike the One X, which is borderline Galaxy-Note-Phablet. The One V feels wonderful in-hand

– A lot of the more flashy Sense 4.0 interface elements have been turned off, such as Leap and folder animations. It even has the stock Android 4.0.3 multitask UI, which is nice. Also of note: the keyboard lacks the d-pad keys on the bottom found on the One X.

– The screen, a SLCD2 panel, is crisp and clear thanks to a reasonable 250ppi. It’s not as color-rich as the display found on the One X.

– The last-generation processor rears its ugly (and slow) head when you try to multitask aggressively.

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