HTC One Remix (Mini 2), Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet star in leaked Verizon renders

Over the past couple weeks, we’ve heard about more than a few Androids rumored to be in the works for Verizon in the US, with @evleaks providing many of the details. He’s already told us to expect the carrier to pick up Sony’s Xperia Z2 Tablet, and informed us that while other carriers would get the HTC One mini 2, Verizon would be renaming the handset to the HTC One Remix. We’ve even had a couple opportunities to check out One Remix imagery, but today not only brings us the highest quality Remix render to date, but brings along a shot of the Z2 Tablet with Verizon’s branding to keep it company.

Of those existing One Remix shots, we’ve seen a low-res pic of the phone in a case and at a severe angle, as well as a cleaner render, but one that was blurred to obscure half of the phone. Today, we cut through that fog with the render pictured above, featuring the same screenshot we’ve seen in those earlier leaks.

With the Z2 Tablet leak, there’s even less to see – really, the only thing of note here is the Verizon logo around back. Though maybe we should also consider it worthwhile for what it doesn’t show us: namely, another Verizon logo around front. Knowing Verizon as we do, that may have taken a fair deal of restraint.

So when can you expect these guys to go up for sale? For the Z2 Tablet, that’s tough to say, as Verizon doesn’t appear to be in any big rush; it will get here when it gets here. As for the One Remix, well we know that HTC is getting the One mini 2 out to its initial markets this month, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Verizon is on the short list. As such, it’s also hard to pin down a release window with much certainty, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see Verizon make an announcement before the month’s out.


Source: @evleaks 1,2

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