htc one mini 2

It’s been over two months since we saw HTC introduce its One mini 2, and it wasn’t long after the handset went official that rumors started putting two and two together and worked out that the HTC One Remix that had been teased for Verizon was likely to be a carrier-renamed version of the One mini 2. But even with that mystery solved, when might the Remix actually arrive, ready for sale? A couple weeks back we saw Verizon appear to be warming up for the handset’s release, as a promo video went live a little ahead of schedule, and now we get word that the wait may nearly be over, with a new rumor naming a launch date for the Android.

Reportedly, Verizon will formally launch the One Remix this coming Thursday, July 24. While we haven’t seen any leaked docs that corroborate that date, a Thursday launch fits with Verizon’s M.O., and considering that recent video leak, the timing makes enough sense for us to feel relatively confident in the news.

That still leaves us with our fair share of One Remix launch questions: what might Verizon be thinking about when it comes to pricing, for example? And even if July 24 is the phone’s launch date, how much further out might retail availability be? Would we get the chance to buy the handset sometime this month, or could it hit stores later this summer? Assuming we’re on the right track here, those answers should be just days away.

Source: @evleaks

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