Last month, HTC launched its One Mini 2, a scaled down, 4.5-inch, 720p version of its metal-bodied flagship. Right before that new arrived, however, we started hearing whispers of a new HTC handset for Verizon, the HTC One Remix. It wasn’t long before we were putting two and two together, and rumors quickly attempted to identify the Remix as Verizon’s version of the Mini 2. Since then we’ve had the opportunity to check out a few renders, but we haven’t heard anything since the very start of June. Just when might the One Remix become available? We’re not quite there yet, but a recent FCC publication shows the phone’s progress towards finally going up for sale.

The presence of Verizon-compatible bands sure steers us in the direction of this being a phone destined for the carrier, but that ID is really driven home by phone’s SKU, HTC6515LVW – with that suffix indicating a model for Verizon Wireless. Furthermore, that’s an SKU that’s previously been identified with the One Mini 2, showing up in places like the handset’s Bluetooth SIG paperwork. Connect a few dots, and we’re almost certainly looking at the One Remix here.

These FCC docs went live yesterday, making this info hot off the press, as it were. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Verizon has been waiting, getting ready to start One Remix sales as soon as this green light came in, but it is very much the sort of development we’d expect to find along the way on the phone’s path to retail availability.

Any of you anxious for this model to finally land? Counting the days until you can trade in your UltraPixel-equipped phone for an HTC model with a more traditional high-pixel camera like the Mini 2’s 13MP shooter? And maybe the most important question: what are you hoping to pay for the One Remix?

Source: FCC
Via: Android Central

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