“HTC One Remix” rumored for Verizon, but what the heck is it?

What’s next in the running from HTC and its smartphones? We’ve been talking a lot about a One M8 mini/One mini 2 that could be right around the corner, and a little further down the line we might get some kind of M8 Prime with a higher-res 2K display than the 1080p panel currently on the One M8. We’ve also got a possible new Butterfly and a Windows Phone 8.1 model we’re looking forward to – all in all, we’re looking at quite a few phones in the pipeline, and this isn’t even touching on anything like Desire handsets. But now we’re picking up on word of a device that might be yet another new model, might represent another name for one of these we’re already expecting, or might be something else entirely: what is this HTC One Remix?

We hear about the name courtesy of @evleaks, who claims that whatever the One Remix is, it’s coming to Verizon. Recognizing the poorly-scaled font from the image he provided as something from a USPTO filing, we ran the name through the government database and uncovered a trademark application submitted by HTC back in March. The trademark, at least, makes no similar reference to Verizon, so it’s clear that other sources are involved here, as well.

So the name looks official – that checks out – but what is it? Could the One Remix be another music-focused model, like that new Harman/Kardon One M8 for Sprint? Or is there no musical connotation to “remix” and instead this could be something more along the lines of the M8 Prime – a hardware refresh? And why is there no “M8” in the trademark? We’ve got more theories than answers at the moment, but we’re very interested in seeing how this plays out.

Source: @evleaks, USPTO

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