Photos are good. Videos are even better. Zoes are … weird, but also awesome. But without a nice way to present and share it, it’s just a big ugly pile of media, right?

That’s HTC’s position, and the company has done something about it with the Sense 5 skin on its new One smartphone. It’s built a custom movie-maker, similar to that found on last year’s One X, but much more powerful. Additionally, rather than just leaving the gallery as-is, or sprinkling some chrome on the stock Android version, the company has crafted a portal to new and exciting ways to share media taken on the phone – and it’s given Zoe a reason to exist in the process.

Wondering how something as pedestrian as a photo gallery or a media-sharing app can warrant excitement? Curious how this measures up to BlackBerry’s Story Maker? Forgotten what a Zoe is? Check out the video below for your own, personal, guided tour of yet another corner of HTC’s Android flagship. You might be prompted to re-think the way you look at smartphone media.

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