HTC couldn’t even wait for the Mobile World Congress to announce the HTC One, showing the Android off to the world at its February 19 launch event. Of course, it still brought along the brand new phone to show off to the crowds, and it looks like it managed to make quite the impression, beating-out all that other hardware announced at the expo itself for the award for best new mobile handset, device, or tablet.

This isn’t the most surprising news, considering there wasn’t any one real show-stopper that dominated our attention at the MWC, but the One still had some decent competition to face up against. Devices like the Galaxy Note 8.0, Xperia Tablet Z, or maybe even the Optimus G Pro might have been in the running, but they just couldn’t wow the judges like the One managed to.

HTC has said that the One will first go up for sale sometime late next month. In the US, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile will all be adding the phone to their lineups.

Source: HTC

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