Is a little consistency too much to ask for from smartphone manufacturers? We pick up the So-And-So TalkMate II, enjoy our experience with it, and when it’s time to shop for a new phone, we’re on the lookout for the TalkMate III or IV. Sometimes it really is that simple, but then there are those manufacturers who can’t seem to help themselves from constantly fiddling with branding. Liked that Galaxy S 4 Zoom last year? Unless you’ve been keeping up with the industry, would you ever know to look for the Galaxy K Zoom instead of the GS5 Zoom? Today’s example of branding defying our expectations is a little less unpredictable than that leap, but it’s still a head-scratcher nonetheless, with word that the HTC One M8 mini may instead arrive as the One mini 2.

After all, just as we had the original One and One mini, logic only seemed to dictate that the One M8 would get a corresponding One M8 mini. But while HTC seems to have gone out of its way to avoid the juxtaposition of “One” and “2” for its flagship, going so far as to make the model’s codename part of its official designation, the presence of a single word breaking them up may be enough to make HTC comfortable with leaving out the “M8” for the phone’s pint-sized sibling.

Should we also look forward to a One max 2? Well, we haven’t even heard rumors about that one yet, regardless of what it’s called, and it may be too soon to say if HTC is even interested in returning to the phablet form factor.

Rumors once claimed that the One mini 2 could launch sometime this month, and while we haven’t heard an update on those plans in a while, they may still be happening, hopefully giving us a chance to see the phone go official in just another couple weeks.

Source: @evleaks (Twitter)

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