HTC One max vs Galaxy Note 3 (Video)

Honest truth: we’d rather be comparing the One max with the Galaxy Mega.

It’s a better fit, after all: HTC’s latest monster is much less a minimized tablet than it is a maximized smartphone, just like Samsung’s preposterous Mega creation. As we mentioned in our full review of the One max, the company’s goal with its newest device was to port the experience of the earlier One to a larger form factor. And when, at the press event where HTC distributed review units, someone from another tech site called the One max “more a Mega than a Note,” HTC didn’t seem particularly put off by the analogy.

There are two problems with a Mega-vs-One max comparison, though. The first is rather practical: we no longer have our Galaxy Mega 6.3 review unit, having sent it back to our friends at Negri Electronics shortly after Taylor Martin completed his review. But more importantly: very few customers out there (in the U.S., at least) even know what the Galaxy Mega is. At the moment, all of Samsung’s marketing muscle is going into the Galaxy S 4, Galaxy Gear, and Galaxy Note 3 – and it’s the latter device that comes closest to the dimensions and general appearance of the One max. So it’s that device people will inevitably measure alongside the HTC product when making a buying decision – no matter how inapt the comparison.

So if you’re one of the few folks waffling between leatherette mini-tablet and aluminum superphone, or you’re just in the mood to see two smartphone goliaths duke it out, tune in to the HTC One max vs Galaxy Note 3 comparison video below. When you’re done with that, we’ve got more for you: check out how the HTC One max fared against its legendary forebear, or refresh your memory on the merits and shortfalls of Samsung’s latest Note. Meantime, we’ll be back at work cooking up still more coverage featuring the One max – and probably filming a whole bunch more outtakes, as well.

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