Got a few hundred clams burning a hole in your pocket? Do you love absurdly oversized smartphone displays? Do you see no need for mobile devices to include a stylus in 2013? Then you, friend, have come to the right place.

The subjects of today’s Pocketnow comparison are not alien to us. Each is a positively massive smartphone featuring powerful media consumption capabilities. We’ve already separately reviewed both the HTC One max and the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3, and we’ve also subjected them to innumerable comparisons – some worthwhile, some outrageous.

But there’s nothing quite so useful as putting two similarly-situated devices up against one another, two direct competitors targeted at the same audience. While we fully admit that not everyone on the Pocketnow team necessarily understands that audience, there’s no question that it exists: there’s a market out there for gigantic phones without gigantic spec sheets (or price tags), and the One max and Galaxy Mega are targeted squarely at the center of that market. They’re products of the same concept, executed very differently – and now we’re going to compare them!

Join us, then, for HTC One max vs Galaxy Mega – and then drop us a line down in the comments or in our forums telling us whether this kind of device excites you.

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