Fingerprint scanners have seriously blown up in recent months, led by Apple and the iPhone 5S. Plenty of other OEMs have either since offered scanners of their own, have models featuring such tech under development, or we’ve heard that something could be coming further down the line. HTC’s been cooking up its own scanner for its One Max, rumored to launch next week, and if this latest leak hits the mark, it could be used for much more than simple authentication.

Fingerprint scanners are clearly designed to be used to ID a user, but that also makes them sort of a one-trick-pony. Should we be wasting phone real estate and money on a component that only has one use? Enter: HTC.

Text strings and graphic resources attributed to the One Max paint the picture of a fingerprint scanner that can also be used to launch apps. We see lines like “You have completed a fingerprint setup. Do you want to select an application for this fingerprint to quick launch?”

Want to watch Netflix? Just scan your right pinky. Want to play some Angry Birds? Left ring finger. Remembering which finger goes with which app might get confusing, and we’re not sure just how useful this might actually be in real life, but we’ve got to give HTC credit for thinking outside the box.

Source: Weibo, CTechCN
Via: phoneArena

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