If you’ve got an HTC One M9 question not answered by our stunningly dense 4000-word review and accompanying 11-minute review video, your needs might be getting a little intense. I mean, c’mon. Right?

But I know how it is. Sometimes, you don’t have time for the full review treatment. Sometimes, you’re just interested in seeing what’s changed over the past twelve months. Or you already own last year’s HTC flagship and you want to see if this year’s is worth your trouble. Or you just want to find out how different two products that look nigh-on identical could possibly be.

For that, friends, we have comparison videos.

“But wait!” you wail, verging on tears, “didn’t you already do one of those in Barcelona? Didn’t you even call it ‘HTC One M9 vs HTC One M8?’ What in blazes is going on here?!”

Settle down.
Settle down, Straw Man. It’s all right.

Yep, we already hit up the ‘ole M9-vs-M8 angle. But that was a quick-and-dirty comparison done on Spanish streets with non-final software while jetlagged and on a 24-hour deadline. The video you’re about to watch was painstakingly assembled over eight days on US shores, and dives far deeper into the One M9 than any day-long soak could hope to match.

Join us, then, for Pocketnow’s official HTC One M9 vs HTC One M8 video comparison, and (double-link alert!) be sure to read the full review for the whole story on HTC’s highest-profile smartphone yet. If that sounds like too much work, we’ve embedded the video review below the comparison at the bottom of the page too. Because we’re accommodating like that.

HTC One M9 vs HTC One M8

HTC One M9 Review (Video)

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