T-Mobile leaves no phone behind, even updating the HTC One M9 to Android 7.0

Android 7.0 Nougat updates for mid to high-end HTC smartphones released in the past couple of years have spread out about as slowly as you’d expect, especially on America’s “big four” carriers.

But there’s always an above-par performer to (half-heartedly) commend, and a champion laggard to viciously criticize. Unsurprisingly, T-Mobile is the one operator worthy of praise here with a relatively timely HTC One M9 software makeover, while Verizon inexplicably still keeps its HTC 10 users waiting.

Yup, the Taiwanese OEM’s 2016 flagship device continues to run Marshmallow on the largest US wireless service provider, while the third largest mobile operator had no problem sending OTA Nougat goodies to the 10 back in January, adding the 2015-launched M9 to the official 7.0 support roster as we speak.

Now, granted, it may feel like this is a somewhat tardy update as well. And it is, compared to US unlocked and even Canadian carrier-specific HTC One M9 variants. Then again, be honest, how many times have you thought about the two year-old Snapdragon 810 5-incher since, say, mid-2016? And how many people you know still rock the 20MP rear/4 UltraPixel front camera-toting phone? Zero and zero? Sounds about right. Can we get a quick round of applause for T-Mobile, and its apparent no-customer-left-behind policy?

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