HTC and Samsung both introduced new Android flagships earlier this year, and both phones found themselves mixed up with rumors of higher-end “Prime” versions arriving with better SoCs, higher-res displays, and an all around more premium experience. Those GS5 Prime rumors may still come to pass (even if under a different name), but the latest word on a possible One M8 Prime suggests that HTC’s plans have been shelved. Even if there’s no Prime option this time around, leaks are already looking forward to 2015 and M9 plans, and a new rumor suggests that not only will the M9 have a corresponding M9 Prime, but that the M9 Prime could go up for sale in advance of the M9.

At least, so says @evleaks, who’s been instrumental in bringing us rumors about the M8 Prime. Both the M9 and M9 Prime would reportedly launch sometime in the first quarter of 2015, and while we don’t have a firm sense of when sales would begin (or if the company might try another immediate availability stunt like it did with the M8) the M9 Prime might be the first of the pair to show up at retailers.

The tipster also notes that these two “will be the next full refreshes of the One Mx family,” leaving us wondering if we won’t get something like a One M8 Max (or One Max 2). Then again, we suppose that might count as a continuation of this current cycle and not the next refresh, so we hold out hope that we could still see such a device arrive – and maybe that will be the one to bring HTC its first quad HD display.

Source: @evleaks

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