There are folks out there who don’t have the time for a ten-minute video or a 4,000-word review, and they certainly don’t have an hour to absorb a meandering podcast (no matter how many awards it’s won). These people might be sneaking a quick YouTube fix on a bathroom break, trying to make a point to a rival smartphone owner at a bar, or even standing in line at a wireless retail store, waiting to make a purchase. They need the facts delivered quickly, with a minimum of window dressing and a firm conclusion in as little time as possible.

For them, we’ve created the 60-Second Review, a minute-long video format made in the spirit of the Pocketnow TLDR. To borrow a well-worn slogan, it’s a review to get you “in, out, and back to life.” And at the end of every episode, we offer a link to the full-length video if you find yourself wanting more.

The HTC One M9 is one of the finest smartphones available in the Android world. Milled from a block of aluminum in a 70-step, 300-minute process, the double-anodized, dual-finish handset bears a look and feel unlike anything else. Its performance is impressive, its Dolby speakers immersive, its software nigh-impeccable. There’s just one small problem: almost all of that applies to its immediate predecessor as well.

As we elaborated upon in our full HTC One M9 review, HTC’s latest flagship suffers from a lack of novelty – and, strangely, an overabundance of pixels. Many might forgive its recycled design were its camera more impressive, but this long-standing HTC pain point sees only modest improvement in the M9 … and in some situations, it even puts out worse pictures than its forerunner.

Given these tradeoffs, should you make room for the HTC One M9 in your pocket? Find out in the 60-second smartphone review below, and then click on over to our full video review, also embedded for your convenience below. Enjoy!

HTC One M9 Review (60-Second Edition)

HTC One M9 Review Video (Full)

Still got room for more? Check out our full written review of the HTC One M9, and then see how it fares against the its elder sibling in our One M9 vs One M8 comparison!

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