By this point, it feels like expectations for the HTC One M9 have largely zeroed-in on what we’re likely to see HTC reveal at its March 1 event: from the handset’s design to hardware specs, leaks and rumors have slowly crystallized into the understanding we now have. But while that Duo-Camera-less, five-inch, 1080p One M9 may be a safe bet, we can’t quite say the same for the rumored One M9 Plus, descriptions of which have remained a little more nebulous. Today we try and cut through some of that uncertainty by taking a look at some possible benchmark data for the handset.

Over on CompuBench we see an entry for HTC’s model 0PK71, described as a 5.1-inch quad HD handset running a MediaTek MT6795, equipped with 3GB of RAM, what looks like 32GB storage, and a 20MP main camera (with a big ol’ 13MP shooter around front).

Right away, some of those details should stand out at you. For instance, that screen’s a bit smaller than we’d been expecting. Initially described as a 5.5-incher, more recent reports have suggested that the One M9 Plus’s display would be a 5.2-inch panel.

The presence of the MediaTek chip, however, is something we’ve know to look for; at least one account of the M9 Plus mentioned multiple SoC options, including both a Snapdragon 810 version and the MediaTek edition we seem to be seeing here. It’s not clear yet how HTC might be thinking about selling the two versions, maybe splitting them up based on market – just one of the many questions we still need HTC to answer about this smartphone.

And while the One M9 is guaranteed for HTC’s MWC press event, the situation’s less clear for the M9 Plus. It might make enough sense to see it debut there, sure, but there’s been little in the way of direct evidence suggesting such a thing will happen. We’ll be keeping our eyes open, in any case.

Source: CompuBench
Via: phoneArena

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