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All HTC One M9 screens may not be created equal, with some using last-gen glass

By Stephen Schenck May 6, 2015, 1:12 pm

If you accidentally drop your One M9 and its screen shatters, HTC’s got your back: shortly after the One M9’s launch earlier this year, HTC announced its “Uh Oh” coverage for the flagship smartphone, offering a free screen replacement for one year following purchase. For butter-fingered smartphone owners, that sounds like a very attractive offer, and one that goes pretty far towards providing some peace of mind. But is all this talk of replacement screens distracting us from an important issue concerning the choice of glass HTC uses when building the One M9? A new rumor suggests that not all One M9 handsets are built to quite the same standards.

HTC supposedly uses Gorilla Glass for the One M9’s screen. The company doesn’t seem to make a big point of emphasizing its choice of glass for this model – unlike the new One M8s or Nexus 9 which formally announce their use of Gorilla Glass – but it’s not unusual for a manufacturer to downplay the nature of the specific glass it uses. But regardless of the actual choice of glass, we’d sure expect it to be consistent across One M9 handsets.

Instead, a rumor claims that HTC is using the new Gorilla Glass 4 for some One M9 units, but employing previous-gen Gorilla Glass 3 in others. The source seems to include a note that the choice of glass shouldn’t be spoken about to the public, possibly implying that HTC may want that detail kept quiet.

Whether GG3 or GG4, we haven’t heard any complaints about One M9 screen strength – and like we said, the Uh Oh protection adds an extra layer of security beyond any physical ruggedness – but it still sounds a little wrong to hear that some One M9 phones may be getting better components than others. We’re reaching out to HTC to see if there’s any truth to this report, and will update this post if we hear anything we can share.

Update: We’ve got our statement from HTC, but it’s not much to go on. The company says that while it “can confirm the HTC One M9 has Gorilla Glass, we don’t have any further information than that. HTC doesn’t comment on rumors or speculation.”

Source: @upleaks (Twitter)
Via: phoneArena

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