HTC’s latest One M9 commercial is all about its Uh Oh protection plan

One of the coolest features of the HTC One M9 that other phones don’t bring to the table isn’t much of a feature at all. It’s Uh Oh protection – if you don’t remember it off the top of your head, that’s the protection program the company announced that will give you coverage on your One M9 for a whole host of things for a year after purchase. Dunk your phone in a pool? You’re covered; a replacement will be sent your way. Dropped your phone as you got out of the car? A-okay. Want to switch carriers, even? A new device with bands for the new carrier will be on the way. That’s what the newest HTC One M9 commercial is all about.

Just in case this commercial is so good that you find yourself wanting to purchase a One M9 thanks to the protection program there’s one caveat: you’ll need to be in the United States or Mexico for the Uh Oh protection program to be in effect. It’s an inconvenience for sure, and we hope that HTC will expand this feature (that’s unique to the One M9 as far as we know) to other countries in the near future.

Source: HTC (YouTube)
Via: PhoneArena

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