Seeing as how HTC has held attractive sales every Tuesday for the past few months, heavily discounting everything from the One A9 phone to the Nexus 9 tablet and Re Camera, it’ll clearly take something special to get people interested in the One M9 so close to its sequel’s announcement.

Today-only, by 11:59 pm PT, the no-contract, no-strings-attached 5-inch handheld costs just $650… with a Nexus 9 hitched on. That’s right, if you hurry, you can score the fall 2014-released stock Android 9-incher completely for free.

That’s a whopping $400 value, and so, instead of paying $1,050 for the combo, you merely need to cough up the $650 typically charged just for the HTC One M9. You can pick up a completely unlocked configuration of the phone, or one designed specifically for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon use, while the N9 model on sale is obviously fitted with 16GB internal storage space and Wi-Fi connectivity.

No LTE on deck, at least not for the tab, and no paint job choice beyond black for it either. Meanwhile, the M9 can be had in gunmetal gray or silver, and the limit is four marked-down bundles per customer, so if you want to surprise a loved one with some new Android gear, today’s the day.

Granted, if you compare the two’s prices with their current low rates on Amazon or other third-party retailers, you’ll find you’re saving a couple of hundred bucks tops. By no means $400. But shopping directly at HTC hooks you up with valid warranties and peace of mind.

Source: HTC US

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