When it comes to HTC, the upcoming One M9 — branding recently confirmed — takes all the headlines in terms of leaked looks, specs, etc., at least until March 1, when the device will become official. Whether it will have a 1080p sibling or the M9 itself will be 1080p is yet unknown, but a set of HTC One M8i specs have been leaked, bringing back last year’s flagship to our attention.

Upleaks mentions this particular M8 variant, the M8i, which would be exactly identical to the HTC One M8, with just a couple of changes. While measuring and weighing (probably looking too) identical to the M8, and sharing most of its internals, the M8i would be different still, when it comes to the processing power.

An octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 clocking at 1.7GHz for four cores and 1.0GHz for the other four would be powering the M8i. The camera on the back will be different too: while still a DuoCamera setup, this time around it will be a 13MP shooter and a two-megapixel secondary eye for the bokeh effects. The webcam is still a five-megapixel unit, but the report claims it is “optimized to Selfie”, meaning we could see some Desire EYE features in there (One M8i could also very well read One M8 Eye).

There’s no word on when this phone will make an official debut, or it, but if there’s any truth behind this report, MWC 2015 seems to be our best bet.

Source: Upleaks
Via: PhoneArena

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