Locked and loaded: Android 6.0 goes out to unbranded HTC One M8 in the US

For the second year in a row, HTC set lofty goals as far as updates to the newest Android iteration are concerned, risking to once again disappoint its One-series phone owners. But while the M8 Google Play edition received Marshmallow goodies a little later than initially predicted, unlocked M8 and M9 versions should comfortably meet their self-imposed December deadlines.

At least in parts of the world, as Jeff Gordon, the company’s Senior Global Online Communications Manager, just clarified Product Management VP Mo Versi “speaks for Americas”, and “other regions are on a separate Marshmallow update schedule.”

So, you see, US-based HTC One M8 users who haven’t bought their handhelds from carriers will be treated to 6.0 makeovers starting in the next few hours, whereas Europeans theoretically sitting on the same boat are likely to be kept waiting an additional couple of weeks.

The unlocked, unbranded One M9 is to surprisingly follow in the footsteps of its predecessor “soon”, possibly scoring Marshmallows stateside as the old continent nabs M8’s bump, and then spreading the love globally in the final days of 2015 or in very early 2016.

Speaking of January, that’s when HTC expects to be able to send M enhancements and Sense 7 UI tweaks over-the-air to all US M8 carrier variants. If everything goes according to plan, that is, and the “big four” operators don’t mess the timeline with their nagging bloat and lengthy “optimization” processes. Fingers crossed, everybody.

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