We’re always interested in learning about sales data for a new high-profile smartphone, and this season’s crop, complete with the Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8, is no exception. While we’ve been curious about straight-up sales figures, we’ve also been intrigued by some trade-in numbers, like we looked at last week concerning the share of previous iPhone users upgrading to the Galaxy S5. Today we switch things up a little, checking out a report of what the trade-in situation looks like for the One M8.

Keep in mind, we’re only talking about trade-ins here, and even then only those done by users of CompareMyMobile. That said, there are some interesting trends that pop up in the data.

For starters, there’s been a decent spike in users trading-in existing HTC devices since the release of the One M8, including not just the original One M7, but also the One Mini and old One X. It’s almost as if HTC users had been specifically waiting for the M8 to come around before upgrading.

Surveys conducted among users intending to upgrade to the One M8 show a lot of brand loyalty – at least among HTC fans: some 46 percent of those moving to the M8 have been trading-in older HTC models. But the One M8 also appears to be attracting a decent amount of attention from both former Apple and Samsung users: some 24 percent of respondents moving to the One M8 traded-in iPhones, and 21 percent handed-in Samsung devices.

Further breaking that down to specific models, 13 percent of M8 upgraders were doing the direct One M7 to One M8 transition, while seven percent came from the iPhone 5, and eight percent from the Galaxy S 4.

While this is just a slice of the total market action the One M8 is seeing, it tends to speak pretty highly for HTC: we see a solid amount of brand loyalty, while also poaching a nice share of users from companies generally considered to have a leg up on HTC in the smartphone game. Could the tide finally be ready to turn for HTC?

Source: CompareMyMobile

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