As word arrives that HTC may be considering new practices to reduce its expenses, like outsourcing the production of several Desire models, we become more interested than ever in learning just how well (or not) sales of the company’s flagship One M8 are doing. After all, unless HTC has some big surprise ready to shake things up this summer, the success of the One M8 (and to a lesser extent, the rumored One mini 2) will really dictate the direction the company’s finances take. As we wait to get official numbers, a new estimate has arrived, while separately we see sales of a new One M8 option get underway.

Let’s start with those sales: where are we now? Well, with HTC making a number of apps available in the Play Store, we can get a rough estimate at activity by looking at the installation count. While that doesn’t offer precise numbers, instead giving us a range, the guys at Android Central noticed that over the weekend a number of M8-specific apps made the switch from the 100K-500K level to 500K-1M. That would suggest we’re looking at at least 500K One M8 handsets in the hands of new owners, and while that’s far from a Samsung-Galaxy-S-level start to sales, HTC seems relatively pleased with the pace it’s seeing, at least based on comments made in recent weeks.

What about that new One M8 option? We’re talking gold, and not the M8’s regular gold color: real gold. HTC’s official real gold M8 may be a Middle East exclusive, but Goldgenie is ready to help with availability for everyone else, just like it did last year with the original HTC One M7. For $2500 and change, the company will hook you up with a One M8 coated in real 24-karat gold. Nearly $2700 will score you the phone in rose gold, and those of you who crave the finest things in life will enjoy the platinum-coated M8, for a tad over $2800. How’s HTC’s own “fake” gold option looking now?

Source: Android Central, Goldgenie
Via: The Droid Guy

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