All of a sudden, HTC’s One family has started looking like it’s about to get quite crowded. We saw HTC China go official with the phone we’ve been tracking as the One M8 Ace, and new rumors arrived to suggest that we’d be seeing an HTC One M8 Plus, as well as a One M8 Advance, launch late this summer. And in addition to all of that, there have been those rumors of an M8 Prime, bringing the phone a quad HD display; just how many M8s does HTC intend to release? Before we get too carried away with the flood of M8 models, a new rumor claims that we shouldn’t be holding our breath for official news of the M8 Prime, with word that HTC has suspended work on the phone indefinitely.

At least, so says @evleaks, who’s been at the forefront of these M8 Prime leaks this whole time. He doesn’t offer any guesses as to why HTC might be taking this action (or inaction, we suppose), and only reports that development on the models has halted.

But what of those Plus rumors? Didn’t they mention that there was a chance that the Plus could be the same model we’d been talking about as the Prime? Yeah, and that’s why we’re not freaking out too, too much over today’s claim. Even if we don’t see a Prime proper, it still sounds like HTC has been looking to bring a 2K display to other models, and without a Prime we could get essentially the same thing with this Plus, or failing that, in a slightly larger form from a One M8 Max. Right now it’s hard to say exactly what we’ll get, but no matter what the phones themselves are called, we’re still anxious to see what’s next from HTC.

Source: @evleaks

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