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HTC One M8 Plus, Advance versions rumored

By Anton D. Nagy May 29, 2014, 5:19 am

The HTC One M8 Ace has been pretty present in the headlines lately, thanks to all the leaks, and we know we should expect the phone to arrive soon. However, Those who thought that last year’s One, One Mini, and One Max line-up will happen again in 2014, in the same formation, might be wrong. According to the latest reports, alongside the One (M8) — already out –, the One Mini 2 — already out –, and the One M8 Ace — coming soon, if the rumors are true — we might see not one, but two more One-named phones.

An HTC One M8 Plus, as well as an Advance version, have been tipped by a recent 9to5google report. Whether both will see the light of day or not is yet unknown; it is also unknown whether the One (M8) flagship will be at the core of both, or only one of the aforementioned.

There’s a chance, claims the report, that the Prime version of the phone — we’ve been hearing about — will turn out to be the Plus. The report claims the Plus will have an aluminum build, just like the M8, but will also add water resistance to the table. Other mentions suggest a 13MP camera — no Duo Camera — and the highest PPI rating on a 2K screen to date, so we’re guessing it will be a smaller screen than the one on the LG G3.

The Advance will basically be the same phone as the Plus above, but with a plastic casing, destined for the Asian markets, pretty much like the Ace (Vogue/Fashion edition).

August/early September is the timeframe mentioned by report, so it is possible that we’ll meet these two phones (or one of them, at least), at the upcoming 2014 IFA, in Berlin.

Source: 9to5google

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