When a smartphone manufacturer release a “mini” version of one of its flagship models, we fully expect some features to fall by the wayside. Sure, it would be nice if the only things that changed were handset dimensions and screen size, but this is the reality of the market. With the HTC One M8 mini (or One mini 2, depending on how it launches), we’ve already been anticipating some places where it might fail to mirror its big brother: it seems we’re not getting another Duo Camera, for instance. Now a new rumor tries to reel-in our expectations a little bit more, spelling-out some of the software features that won’t be present on the One M8 mini.

So obviously, any camera software that would take advantage of the depth info from that second sensor is out the window, but what else? Well, according to this source Zoe could be absent as well. Considering how HTC intends to make Zoe available as a download for even non-HTC Androids, that’s pretty odd for it to be missing here. Pan 360 support could also vanish.

It also sounds like HTC’s Smart Sensor Hub might not make the cut, and both the M8’s Fitbit support and Motion Launch are tipped to not make the journey over to the M8 mini.

While none of those were really must-have M8 features, it all sounds like quite a lot to take away from a phone that’s still supposed to be considered the mini version of this year’s flagship.

Source: @evleaks

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