HTC’s One M8 starred in leak after leak before the handset officially launched, rendering many of its secrets an open book. While rumors have suggested that HTC’s nearly ready to follow that model up with a One M8 Mini, we’ve had far less hard evidence to refer to. With claims that the phone could launch as early as May, are we ever going to get clued-in to its details before the handset gets a formal unveiling? Today may bring us one big step closer to understanding the One M8 Mini, with the release of the alleged render you see up top.

One big question has been what HTC is planning for the One M8 Mini’s camera. An early leak claimed it would get a 13MP main shooter, but that was before we had a solid understanding of the One M8’s Duo Camera depth-analyzing setup. Since then, we’ve wondered if that 13MP assessment was off, but that spec is repeated alongside the publication of this image, which clearly depicts a single-sensor traditional rear camera.

Other specs arriving with this render, including a Snapdragon 400 SoC and 4.5-inch 720p display, match those from that previous leak.

But is this really the One M8 Mini, or just a fan render in response to that list of specs? That’s tricky to say, because this really does look a lot like the full-sized M8. If we’re being really suspicious, the coloring gradient where the second rear camera should be looks a tad odd, as if someone just edited the lens out of existence. As such, we’re not placing a ton of faith in this find. But even if it’s not a legit render, could this still be how the phone ultimately looks? Hopefully we’ll get some more evidence soon that will allow us to really make sense of things.

Source: Weibo
Via: phoneArena

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