Last week we check out one of the first supposed renders of the HTC One mini 2 (back then being referred to as the One M8 mini), but we weren’t exactly buying it, noticing some irregularities that pointed to a possible composite image. But then this morning we shared with you a much more legitimate-looking render, depicting the One mini 2 in three color options. Those neutral-and-gold shades may be how the phone ultimately arrives (mirroring the One M8’s options), but what if HTC throws a little extra color into the mix, too? That’s what we’re wondering now, as we check out the first real-life shot of a possible One mini 2.

As you likely noticed straight away, this handset does away with the drab accents we saw in those One mini 2 renders, offering a bold yellow look, instead. It’s just a small change, sure, but one that goes a long way to giving the handset a little character.

But will such a yellow-accented One mini 2 actually go up for sale? Well, that’s the trickier part. We’ve heard the theory that this splash of color might just be used to help HTC keep track of its prototype models, and while that very well may be how the phone’s story plays out, wouldn’t it be absolutely lovely if HTC started offering some version of Moto Maker-type customizations? Maybe not anything so drastic as what Motorola is up to, but even just offering a handful of accent color options could really help the One mini 2 catch some attention.

Source: phoneArena
Via: Mobile Syrup

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