For Verizon customers, it’s the Windows Phone question of the year: Lumia Icon or One M8 for Windows? Both phones offer premium builds and powerful internals, both run Windows Phone 8.1, and both have their own software goodies to try to captivate customers – but which is the better phone overall? We tackle that question in our HTC One M8 for Windows vs Nokia Lumia Icon comparison video down below.

Talking hardware, neither of these phones are small. But what they both are is sturdy and solidly built, for whatever you take that to mean. The HTC feels a bit better in-hand, if only because it has curves in all the right places, making it easier to hold than the brick-like Nokia Lumia Icon.

The screens are both 1080p panels measuring in at five inches on the diagonal, but the Icon’s AMOLED display really shines here, edging out the One M8’s Super LCD3 panel in terms of “tile pop.” The processors are nearly identical, with the One M8 for Windows housing a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 and the Lumia Icon instead opting for an 800. The clock speeds are nearly identical too, and the software is also nearly identical, so … the performance is nearly identical.

Moving on over to software, the Icon runs Windows Phone 8.1 while the One M8 for Windows already is rocking the newer Windows Phone 8.1.1. That means the former phone doesn’t have features such as folders on the start screen. Each have their own unique software features, and that – along with the rest of the software info you need to know – is better explained in the video below.

For all of this – and much more – in video form, look no further than the embed below. If you just want to see the spec differences between the two phones, we’ve got you covered there as well; check out this piece to find exactly what you need. And if you want a better understanding of the One M8 for Windows in its entirety, check out our full review and our earlier comparison with the One M8 for Android.

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