Less than a month ago, some old rumors popped back up: HTC would supposedly release a version of its One M8 running Windows Phone. We heard the same thing about the One M7, and that never happened, and here we were four months removed from the One M8’s launch, with talk that this cross-platform push could still be happening. But over the following days the “well wouldn’t that be neat” idea quickly picked up momentum, and between the announcement of an August 19 HTC event and the discovery of evidence pointing to just such a WP One M8 getting ready for Verizon, this really looked like it might be happening. Today our confirmation finally arrives, as the HTC One M8 for Windows goes official.

Software and some external branding aside, this is still the One M8 we know and love. It’s manufactured on the same line as its Android cousin, so shoppers should expect the very same premium hardware experience. That includes a few unusual things for a Windows Phone device, like the M8’s IR support, but that should only help the One M8 for Windows stand out.

Even the Duo Camera makes the transition to Windows Phone, complete with support for refocusing. However, we do see some sacrifices on the phone’s software side, and certain HTC features like Zoe aren’t available for this new edition.

How did this smartphone end up happening? As it turns out, this started as Microsoft’s idea, and the company got in touch with HTC about the possibility of bringing the M8 to its platform after liking what it saw from the Android edition.

Verizon is the exclusive home of the One M8 for Windows, and similar to what we saw occur with the Android One M8, sales are getting underway immediately, with the phone available as of noon today. You’ll be able to grab it on-contract for just about $100 online today, or wait until tomorrow when the phone will come to retail stores. Pick it up at a Microsoft store, and you can also snag a screen protector and Dot View case for just $25 more.

Source: HTC

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