HTC Dot View case: a hip but stiff accessory for the HTC One M8 (Video)

With a device as aesthetically focused as the new HTC One M8, slapping a case on the back amounts to something like sacrilege (even more so than usual). That aluminum! That machined precision! Those chamfers!

But then again … that aluminum. That precision. Those chamfers. We’ve shown time and again that building a device from metal and polishing it to a jewel-like finish is an approach that results in beautiful unboxings, but also in products that don’t necessarily hold up well over time. Cases may be ugly, but they sure can protect an investment if they’re built properly.

When a case is prudent, it better replace the hotness it covers up with some hotness of its own. At least, that seems to be where HTC is coming from with its new Dot View case for the One M8 – easily one of the most interesting-looking cases we’ve ever seen.

With a perforated surface pockmarked with 1500 tiny holes, the Dot View case works with a special notification mode on the M8 to display alerts in the style of a convenience store Lotto machine, or a decades-old Lite Brite. It also brings more than a little protection to the One M8’s aluminum casing, while preserving some of the swipe-and-go functionality that make Sense 6 such a joy to use.

Find out about those improvements in our full HTC One M8 review, then hop on down to the video below to see whether these stylish and handy features are worth the Dot View case’s somewhat awkward feel in the hand.

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