European HTC One M8 owners, rejoice: Android Marshmallow awaits

Absorbed by HTC’s virtual reality progresses, its possible intention of setting up a new company to focus on the Vive headset, and the general dire financial state of the Taiwanese business, we almost completely ignored One M8 and One M9’s speedy Marshmallow update turnaround.

HTC may no longer be capable of selling phones like it used to, but when it comes to software support, it still ranks among the industry’s heavyweights, bringing its last two flagships up to date surprisingly fast in North America and now Europe.

One M8 owners across the old continent should be getting automatic prompt messages for sweet Android 6.0 installations as we speak, whether they’re on unlocked versions or models sold by various European carriers.

Either way, you’re looking at massive goodie packs tipping the scales at over 1GB, so make sure you have enough storage space to go around, and turn on your Wi-Fi before pulling the update. This contains all your typical M-flavored tweaks and enhancements, including Doze Mode for smarter power management, Google Now on Tap, a slew of security improvements, and performance revisions for everything from your connectivity to your cameras.

Meanwhile, don’t forget HTC is also doing all it can to spread the Marshmallow love across all different network-locked One M8 and One M9 configurations stateside. This week, it’s Sprint’s M8’s turn to jump one step beyond Lollipop, with T-Mobile’s own One M8 likely following suit by the end of the month.

Source: HTC Source

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