HTC One M8 will be updated to Android M

It may have been announced in March of 2014, but the HTC One M8 is still very much alive and kicking. It’s widely used today and acknowledged as one of the best phones on the market, still, so a natural question to ask is whether its age means that it’s not going to be seeing any more OS revision updates. With Android M on the horizon for a launch this fall, this question is especially pertinent – and according to HTC Product Manager Mo Versi, the HTC One M8 Android M update will indeed be coming.

Android M isn’t as much a leap as Android Lollipop was (as compared to its predecessor, KitKat), though it will bring some tweaks that will be definitely appreciated on an aging smartphone. For the full rundown, you can check out our hands-on with an early developer preview build of Android M, but the gist of it is that a lot of cool features – like Google Now on Tap – are going to be coming soon and no Android user is going to want to miss out.

There’s no word on whether carrier-specific units will be getting updates, or just the unlocked and Google Play edition models. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: Mo Versi (Twitter)

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