Yesterday brought us some sad news for fans of the venerable HTC One M7, as the manufacturer confirmed that while the phone made the journey to Lollipop, its story would end with Android 5.0, and HTC wouldn’t be updating the phone to the just-released Android 5.1. Considering we’re talking about a phone that launched a solid two years ago, it’s not like we could expect further updates much longer, and we were finding it hard to fault the company’s decision to devote resources to more recent hardware. But One M7 users are a vocal bunch, and those who weren’t satisfied with HTC’s decision were quick to share their displeasure on social media. All that passion might have payed off, and while HTC’s not willing to concede and promise Android 5.1 just yet, there may just be a chance for more updates.

One big concern is the nature of Android 5.1: while it certainly delivers some new features, it’s seen by many Android users as a bugfix update, correcting unwanted behaviors in Android 5.0. And while One M7 owners may be OK with being left behind on a current-era Android build, they’d prefer it to be a more stable one. HTC’s Mo Versi insists that many of the fixes baked in to Android 5.1 are already present in the currently available One M7 Lollipop release, but that the company still hears these concerns. And although he’s not promising anything, a message for users to “stay tuned” suggests that there’s a chance we could still see something happen here.

Exactly what happens now is anyone’s guess, but take heart, One M7 users: HTC is listening, and enough voices might just convince it to rethink what happens next with your classic smartphone.

Source: Mo Versi (Twitter)
Via: Android Police

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