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HTC One M7 updates reach the end of the road: no Android 5.1

By Stephen Schenck March 19, 2015, 11:29 am

It’s just a fact of life: eventually we have to say goodbye to even our favorite smartphones and move on to greener pastures. Just how long you’re going to hold on to that old hardware depends on a lot of factors, including contract status and your ability to avoid accidentally breaking it. For a lot of us, the writing on the walls that informs us it’s finally time to move on comes in the form of software updates – or rather, the lack thereof. Eventually, it just doesn’t make sense for a manufacturer to keep supporting old phones with ongoing updates, and that’s a point a favorite Android flagship has just reached, as HTC confirms plans to not bring the One M7 Google’s latest Android release.

The One M7 only just got its Android 5.0 Lollipop update last month, but that’s going to be all she wrote; HTC’s Mo Versi has confirmed on Twitter that the first-gen One won’t be seeing Android 5.1.

Well, that deserves a big asterisk, at least. While the regular One M7 won’t be seeing any Android 5.1 action, the manufacturer does have plans to bring a 5.1 update to the Google Play edition One M7 – look for that release to land sometime next month.

Considering the One M7’s age, none of this is really surprising – two years of software support is about all a phone can expect, and that’s all HTC ever committed to. And really, ending on a big release like 5.0 is a lot better than living out its days with an old KitKat build. But we’re still just a little sad to see the book closing on this very memorable Android smartphone.

Source: Mo Versi (Twitter)
Via: Android Police

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